Annual Dance 2002

Dance 2

The band members held their annual dance in the pipeband hall on the evening of Saturday 9th March. The function was well attended and went on until the wee small hours of Sunday morning.

As you can see from the pictures below, a good night was had by all.

The popular band Remix provided the music and the Pipe Band rendered a few sets, all of which set feet tapping and arms swinging !

Lesley Campbell swapped bunnets from piper to chef and provided an excellent buffet. Who needs Jamie Oliver?!!

Meanwhile, Pat was busy with her camera.

"I can't believe all this food is for us, Elizabeth" "You can laugh all you want Doris - but I've got your plate of food!"
"Are they telling us that we're part of the raffle?" "How long do we have to stand and pose like this, Vida?"  "Just keep that false smile on your face John - she's bound to get bored and move away"
"Do you think that bottle of coke will last us the whole night?" Has Lauren seen something scary that she's not telling the rest about?
"Smile for the paparazzi George!" "What do you mean Craig - where's the other part of my dress?"

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