The Vikings


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 The Viking Parade

The 2011 Da Doonie Day took place on Friday 25th November 2011 as it is considered that this date has some significance with regard to both the Scottish and Viking heritages of Caithness.

The date represents the last Friday prior to the feast day of the patron saint of Scotland. St Andrews Day was designated by the Scottish parliament in 2006 as a Bank Holiday and provides an obvious link with historical and contemporary Scottish culture. St Andrews Day also traditionally marks the opening of the Christmas markets and the ‘Da Doonie Day’ procession incorporated the ‘switching on’ of the Wick Christmas Lights, which precedes the Wick Fun Day, in keeping with the local observation of this tradition. There is also some evidence which suggests that Swein Asleifsson, the ‘Ultimate Viking’ who was born in Caithness and had a residence in Freswick, returned home in November from what has been termed his annual autumn trip of pillage, typically to Ireland and the Scottish Hebrides.

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