Wick Gala Night

The Crowning of the Queen
The Parade of Floats

Wick  Gala Night

Saturday July 28th, saw the crowning of the new Gala Queen at the Riverside in Wick. Her coronation took place at 7pm.

The evening was marred by heavy & persistent showers, but this did not dampen the spirits of the Floats or the accompanying street walkers.

The Gala Queen

This years' gala queen is Faith Harper

The Parade of the Floats

With the ceremony over, the royal carriage took Queen Faith Harper and her attendants, to the head of a procession of decorated floats.

A total of 8 floats were in the procession as were the usual collection of themed streetwalkers.

The procession was led off on a mini-tour around the town,  by the Wick Royal British Legion Scotland, Pipe Band.

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