Fun Night 2


“Oh no! it’s that crazy Ali G – he’s after my grapes again!” You’re ok balloon –man, he’s trying to eat that woman’s head. Yer grapes are safe!
“Me? the scary, evil Joker?  Never!! Ah’m a retired bin man tryin’ to make a wee bit on the side as a fireman.  Don’t tell the DSS will you?! “Sorry Bjorn, no chance of a contract wi’ us; the Council’s more in the business of destroying roads!
“I wish I’d never asked for that transfer to Wick Academy - I could have been celebrating wi’ my pals in Brazil the night. Looks like the only cup I’ll be holding will be a cup of tea in the band hall” “Will somebody please wake me up when this madness is over?!”
Police warning: Do not be fooled by the disguise. This man is wanted for extortion of money and goods “It’s me again - Mr Normal,  amongst these weirdos”
“What do you mean am I really Snow White? Are you trying to besmirch my character?” “OK Mrs Cat – if you poke me one more time with those pipes I’m going to set my entire squad of Dwarves on you – and believe me when that Grumpy gets going – watch out for your whiskers!!”

Home Up

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