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An extremely congested Market Square witnessed a rather strange collection of musicians on Saturday evening.Wick RBLS pipe band played host to its usual large crowd for their final “Pipe Band Week” parade. But where were the tartan - clad band? If you look closely you may spot a few familiar faces dressed in some unfamiliar outfits!

Wick’s Disneyworld Pre-parade auditions. (Disnae pipe, Disnae drum) Would-be hopefuls wait in line for Mother Superior to test their equipment is in perfect working order. Yes, Jamsie lad,  yours too!! The crew of the star ship ‘Wick Wallies’ ready for take off!


“Ah’m fair wilting!” ‘Flying High’ -  Highland style

Don’t look behind you Bjorn, but that man in the checked coat is plotting to replace you. Seems that R Coghill Preservations have put in a lower offer “Hey Ali, just you mind where you put your sticks – they might look like balloons, but these grapes took me ages to grow”

“What do you expect? I’m a poor student – it was the only summer job I could get” “I’m not with these idiots; I really don’t belong here, but some mad nun forced me to wear this!”

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