Fun Night 3


“OK, this time we all play with our eyes closed!” “I’m going to kill that hairdresser!!”
“Oh God, another  practice for Sister Act 3! “Right, I know I’ve been on a few raids and I’ve done some pillaging, but I’m a nice man really - there’s no need to treat me like a bad smell ! Will somebody please come and stand with me. I’m soooo alone!!” (Has no one told him he’s really a cop – and we know how popular they are?!!)
“Is that you in there Scottie?  Beam me up– they’re all off their trolleys here!!” Fireman Sam, alias the Evil, Scary Joker (retired) receiving his ill gotten gains from an undercover DSS agent. Yer pension’s oot the windae Big Man!
The head nun obviously hasn’t seen the head gardener smoking his cigar. Ten Hail Marys for you boy if you’re caught! Peace be with you, and all that jazz.

So what is Martin saying or doing? Tick the one you think describes him best. Prize for the most neatly ticked entry is a trolley run at McAllans – with your feet tied together – of course!!

Choice 1. “This is a dance which Elise taught me yesterday”

Choice 2. “This is how I got my part as a Red Indian in the film Pocohantes

Choice 3. “See when I catch that wee so-and-so who stole my diving gear – I’m going to  ….!!!!!”   


  Meanwhile, the Sugar Plum Fairy, alias The Bonny Bogle, looks on bemused. Is that a frilly Pampers under the gauze skirt?!

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