Fun Night 2


Is that my asp still following me?!

Santa can't believe that George still has the drum he gave him all those Christmases ago!

It's hard work being a dame Hey Tarzan! - beat this if you can!!
My teeth are killing me!! So much for the manicure - every nail's broken (sob!)
Wow! do those onions pong!! I've had to move my moustache to help filter out the smell. "Forget the pipes of peace !  I'm dreaming of all the nasty things I'm going to do to that Gorilla!"

Hey Hiawatha - you're wasting your time blowing - my chest will always be bigger than yours!!

"Mmm... now where did I put those matches?"

My dustbins were never this heavy ~ and here's me meant to be retired

"Just look at the scratches from that cat!"
I still can't believe Celtic didn't win the UEFA Cup! "Still blowing Hiawatha? I don't see any change yet!"

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