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Well folks that’s the end of another highly successful Pipe band Week which saw large crowds and some great entertainment. As usual the good people of Wick and the surrounding districts (as well as our welcome visitors) did themselves proud with their support and tremendous generosity, as they filled can after can.

Wick RBLS pipe band is extremely grateful to you all.

The final parade of Pipe Band week is marked by a fun night where the band members don fancy dress instead of their uniforms. Each year the costumes seem to get ‘more creative!’ and this year was no exception.

Here are some photographs shot during some of the events which took place during the week.

"Doh - do I look like I don't know where I'm going?"

"And I'm supposed to be on holiday!" (Santa thought he'd come to a tourist area only to discover a madhouse!)

What possessed me to think I'd look 'cool' in this get up?!

"Watch out Mackays!! Lots of blowing going on! And you know what happened to the house belonging to the 3 Little Pigs

Full of Eastern promise?! - mmm... maybe not!

My God - am I not handsome?!!!! Look - she can't take her eyes off me!

"I'm too well dressed and much too sophisticated to be with the rest of these ragamuffins!!" So Big Brother - Get Me Out of Here!!!" "Watch out missus, move your big bum!  cos'  I'm a mean punk with a much bigger drum!!"
"Do I look scary mummy?" Listen to Homer boys - he's had a fine ejucashun!
Following our leader!

My teeth are glowing in the dark - must be all those Dounreay bunnies I've digested.

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