Fun Night 3



"I'm lost missus - and I don't even know what I'm supposed to be" (surely not the Bonnie Bogle from last year ?!) The casual hands -in -the -pocket stance and the forced smile says it all. Martin pretending he is not related to this strange man!

"And I thought that I had an identity crisis!"

"See what us old wifies are reduced to! It's the only way I can supplement my pension" (Looking on in despair, one young teenager contemplates the dress sense of the elderly!)

"There's a chance you might get the lampshades my dear - but the bra stays put" (It's that duck/chick thing again - seems to be following me)

          Still pining over Celtic!

"See me? - Ah'm a real hard man - and ah'm real smart- 'cos I know those two apes are gonnae use their sticks to try and knit a gansey oot o' my mohican hair. But I've got a wee surprise for them - Wait and see!!"

   "I'm so mad that I had to be beside that Hiawatha!  Pocohontes is a much cuter squaw"

"Drones, chanters, bags - I'm surrounded!"


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