Fun Night 4


"Now, when I beat my drum, you all have to....."

"If you just hold on a wee minute, I've got some funny money


"I'm so distressed - my legs have gone all spotty! I really am an ugly duckling!" ( I should have worked for BUPA instead of the NHS)

"Hey Cleo - Listen - you know how you've got that big asp?

Well ..............."

"If he doesn't move that rocket soon..............! "

"I'll fix you and your rockets Tony! - saying I've got a big asp!"

"Hi didley-dee- this rocket's all for me! - Tee-hee!"

                "OK - just another 10 centimetres to the right "

"All in  row"

                                        "Nobody's Child"


"My God! - What's that duck up to now?!!"


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